Walt Disney Presenta Los Tres Caballeros


Disney Cast
Label:  Disneylandia
Catalog#:  1239M
Country:  United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio:  Mono
Year:  1978

Record Comments:  This record includes 12 songs included in a total of 8 tracks.  The record was printed in the United States for the Spanish market.  Record text and contents are in Spanish. The original source used to produce this record was from a low quality analog source and some background noise can be heard during playback.

Matrix Number:  A ~ 1239M  KMK  678  SIDE 1  SPANISH / ONE A ~ 1239M  KMK  678  SIDE 2  SPANISH


Subject Notes:  The Three Caballeros is Disney's 7th animated feature and combines animation with live actors.  This is the second of two films that resulted from Walt's visit to Latin America in 1941.  The first film being Saludos AmigosThe film premiered in Mexico City during December of 1944.  The running time is approximately 71 minutes.

  In a similar style to its predecessor, The Three Caballeros includes several segments:

  • The Cold-Blooded Penguin

  • The Flying Gauchito

  • Baia

  • Las Posadas

  • Mexico

  • You Belong To My Heart

  • Donald's Surreal Reverie


   Record Contents: 


1. Obertura - Los Tres Caballeros 1:14  
2. Lilongo- Zandunga - Jesusita En Chihuahua 5:49  
3. Las Posadas 2:34  
4. Solamente Una Vez 2:34  
5. Mexico - Jarabe Pateno 5:14  
6. Bahia 2:22  
7. Tico Tico - Brazil 4:52  
8. Os Quindins De Ya Ya 8:04  

Total Time:



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  Three Caballeros Disney Vinyl Records

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Record Artwork

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