Summer Magic

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Records on this shelf include songs and content from Summer Magic, a Disney live-action movie that premiered in theaters during July of 1963.
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STER-4025 Walt Disney Presents Summer Magic   F-419 On The Front Porch   F-420 Flitterin' / Beautiful Beulah   BVF-423 Ugly Bug Ball / He's So Near*   LG-770 The Ugly Bug Ball / Femininity


AL-701 Alcoa Wrap Presents Music From Walt Disney's Summer Magic   DQ-1238 Summer Magic Player Piano Sing Along   CR-2534 Summer Magic (Commercial Radio Announcements)  45-2701 Summer Magic / Well It's Summertime*

1968 - 1971

DQ-1318 Music From Three Walt Disney Motion Pictures   1318 WDEMCO Music From Three Walt Disney Motion Pictures    DD.11 Ugly Bug Ball


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