The Mickey Mouse Club (DBR Series)

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Records on this shelf are from the Mickey Mouse Club DBR catalog series.  The Mickey Mouse Club is a live-action, children's TV variety show that premiered in 1955.Record Checklist

DBR-50 - DBR-59

DBR-50 Walt Disney's Official Mickey Mouse Club Songs   DBR-59 Walt Disney's Corky And White Shadow

DBR-60 - DBR-69

DBR-61 The Littlest Outlaw   DBR-63 Walt Disney's Roll Up The Rug For More Mousekedances   DBR-69 Walt Disney's Annette: Songs About The Famous Mouseketeers   DBR-69 Walt Disney's Annette: Songs About The Famous Mouseketeers
DBR-70 - DBR-79
DBR-71 We're The Mouseketeers   DBR-76 Walt Disney's 'Old Yeller'   DBR-77 Walt Disney's Zorro  DBR-79 Words To Grow By
DBR-80 - DBR-91
DBR-80 Walt Disney's The Three Little Pigs (The Complete Story In Song)   DBR-89 Four Songs From Walt Disney's Sleeping Beauty   DBR-91 Christmas Trees Of Disneyland


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