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Records on this shelf include songs from a variety of Disney productions.

Record Checklist

A - D

BV-3319 33 Great Walt Disney Motion Picture Melodies    8184 Z Bailando Con Disney   RPS 39005 Disney Meets The Wizard

D - F

D002056401 DCONSTRUCTED   2505 Disney's Children's Favorites   YSS-42-DS Favorites From Walt Disney Film Scores (Screen Mini Deluxe)

G - H

SH 268 Great Songs From Disney Movies   T4140 Great Songs From Walt Disney's Motion Pictures   9330-327 Happy Organ Disney Favorites

I - L

 5006 It's A Small World - Walt Disney's Greatest Hits   MFP 5633 It's A Small, Small World   DQ 4070 F Nouveau: Les Grands Succes De Walt Disney

L - M

WDL-3030 Little Gems From Big Shows   60348-1 Walt Disney Records Mouse House Remixes   BV-3313 Maurice Chevalier And Hayley Mills Take You To Teen Street

M - R

DL 8105 Music From Disneyland   8100 The Peter Pan Players Presents The Best Of Walt Disney


PD 6021 Salute To Disney   CL 672 Songs From Walt Disney's Magic Kingdom   GLP 2 Walt Disney's Song Parade
T - Z
DS 6001 Walt Disney Originals - Never Smile At A Crocodile   CBR-1011 When You Wish Upon A Star: 16 Disney Favourites   DQ-1245 Walt Disney's Wonderful World of Color  STER-1341 Louis Armstrong: The Wonderful World Of Walt Disney


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