You Can Always Be Number 1 / Watch Out For...


Disney Cast
Label:  Disneyland
Catalog#:  WDIP
Country:   United Kingdom
Format:  7" Clear Sleeve Picture Disc Single
Speed:  45 RPM
Audio: Stereo
Year:  1982

Record Comments:  This picture disc record was made in England and includes two songs about Goofy sung by an uncredited female vocalists. Side one includes the Sport Goofy Anthem from the syndicated television specials that was included on the 1983 Mickey Mouse Splashdance album, catalog number 2520.  However, the version on this single is a bit shorter and does not include the Goofy voiceover track.  The song's opening and chorus sound very similar to ABBA's Take A Chance.

The song on side two was included on the 1976 Mickey Mouse Disco album, catalog number 2504, and features an uncredited male vocalist near the end of the song.  Goofy's dialog track is heard on the album version as well as this single.



Subject Notes:  Goofy is a cartoon character that made his first appearance in the audience of Mickey's Revue in 1932.  Goofy was originally called Dippy Dawg until 1939, when he was featured in the cartoon Goofy and Wilbur.  Goofy had is own television series in the 1990s entitled Goof Troop and several Sport Goofy syndicated television specials.


   Record Contents: 


1. You Can Always Be Number 1 3:00  
2. Watch Out For Goofy 3:28  

Total Time:



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Record Artwork


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