Walt Disney's Donald Duck And His Friends


Disney Characters
Label:  Disneyland  (Yellow Plain)
Catalog#:  DQ-1212
Country:   United States
Format:  12" Standard LP
Speed:  33 1/3 RPM
Audio: Mono
Year:  1960

Record Comments:  This record includes narration, music and songs with several Disney characters, including Clarence "Ducky" Nash as Donald Duck, Dal McKenon premiering as Uncle Scrooge, Jimmy MacDonald as Mickey Mouse and Goofy, Dick Beals as Chip, Robie Lester as Dale and Cliff Edwards narrating as Jiminy Cricket.

The record was issued with and without the DQ prefix on the catalog number.  The original DQ issue includes a white back, while the others include a red back.  All covers include song lyrics on the back, expect those advertising other DQ series records with the LPs artwork back.  The record label includes track listings, but there are no track marks on the vinyl.  Both sides play as continuous tracks.

Matrix Number:  DQ-1212--A-RE  LW  114 / DQ-1212--B-RE  LW  114


Subject Notes:  Donald Duck is a cartoon character created by Walt Disney Productions in 1934.  Donald debut in the animated cartoon The Little Wise Hen in June of 1934. 


   Record Contents: 


1. Walt Disney's Donald Duck And His Friends (Part 1)
 - Hail, Hail The Gang's All Here
 - I've Been Working On The Railroad
 - We Boys Shine Tonight
 - Clementine
 - The Bear Went Over The Mountain
 - Pony Boy
 - Oh Susannah
2. Walt Disney's Donald Duck And His Friends (Part 2)
 - Alouette
 - Billy Boy
 - I'm A little Prairie Flower
 - Uncle Scrooge's Rocket To The Moon
 - Loch Lomond
 - Kookaburra
 - Chip 'N' Dale
 - Polly Wolly Doodle
 - Daisy, Daisy
 - Row, Row, Row Your Boat
 - For He's A Jolly Good Fellow

Total Time:



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Record Artwork

Record Artwork
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